Nutri Plus Start - Root Development

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Nutri Plus Start is a specialized nutrient component for root development.

Nutri Plus Start is exactly what your cuttings and young plants need in the first stages of growth. It eliminates transplant shock and promotes vigorous root development. Good for conditioning propagation media as well as early growth. It works with soil, coco or hydroponics. Also great for clone machines, rockwool and peat. 

  • Conditions propagation media
  • Provides energy to young cuttings
  • Eliminates transplantation shock
  • Promotes development of healthy and vigorous roots
  • Compatible with all mineral or organic fertilizers
  • High Phosphorus formulation for root development
  • For house and garden
  • Compatible with all mineral or organic fertilizers
Nutri-Plus Start was designed to treat propagation media to promote root development. Nutri-Plus Start contains all necessary elements to adequately supply the initial rooting stage of your cuttings or seedlings.

Mix Rates
Grow Medium Conditioner (rock wool, foams, peat pellets): Soak media with 3 ml of Nutri-Plus Start per liter of water.
Transplant: Use Nutri-Plus Start alone at 15 to 30 ml per liter of water.
Hydroponic Solution Additive: Add 7.5 to 15 ml of Nutri-Plus Start to your nutrient solution for the first feeding or at transplantation time.

Nutri-Plus Start Pro Feed Chart

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