The Neutralizer Compact Kit - Professional Odor Eliminator Kit

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The Neutralizer Compact Kit is the #1 in odor elimination system made for use in your Home, Car, Hotel and Growing environments. The Neutralizer is a revolutionary product that provides a simple solution to problematic and pungent odors. The extensive research derived from a simple relationship found in nature allows The Neutralizer to target specific odor molecules and contain them in order to completely eliminate their scent.

The Neutralizer Compact Kit is a highly elaborate and secret formula of essential oils. Thanks to its patented system of heat transmission, The EME achieves and maintains the exact temperature required in order to evaporate odors. The Neutralizer at a constant rate and in a controlled manner. It therefore manages to transform our secret blend of essential oils into volatile particles which are capable of neutralizing a myriad of foul odors.

The Neutralizer Compact Kit system is characterized for its: 

    • Innovation
    • Efficiency
    • Cleanliness
    • No Absorption Into the Surrounding Environment
    • Endurance – up to 6 week life with constant 24 hour use
    • Great Coverage - up to 375 cubic meters
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Compact Plugin Size – low energy consumption
    • Neutralizes within an hour of activation
    • Easy Installation
    • Replaceable Cartridges
The Neutralizer Compact kit contains:
    • The Neutralizer Essential Oil cartridge (x1)
    • Electronic Molecule Evaporator EME220 (x1)
    • Wick (x1)
    • Cable Tie (x1)

Neutralizer FAQ

Is The Neutralizer Essential Oil harmful to children or pets?

    • No, The Neutralizer Essential Oil is not harmful to any of its surroundings in its evaporated state. If you, a member of your family or a pet were to come into contact with The Neutralizer Essential Oil in its concentrated state, simply wash your hands with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly.

What is essential for the correct functioning of The Neutralizer?

    • It is absolutely essential that the wick has sustained no damage during this process. Correct insertion of the cartridge into your EME is also vital. You will also need to have a proper circulation of air within the environment you are using it in.

While inserting the wick into the cartridge, I have accidentally bent it and it’s a bit out of shape. Do I need to purchase a new Kit or Cartridge?

    • No. Simply use your fingers to gently bring the soft wick into its original shape. If the wick has completely fallen apart, you may need to get a replacement for it.

What happens if there is no air circulating in my room?

    • If there is improper circulation of air in your room, The Neutralizer will not work at 100% efficiency. It will Neutralize to a certain extent but you may still be able to perceive the offending smell.

How long does the cartridge last?

    • Both the cartridge of the Pro kit and The Compact Kit will last for up to 6 weeks, if powered continuously for 24 hrs / day. The Road Kit cartridge will last upto 45 days with 2 hours of use per day. (92 hours with 24/7 usage).

Will the cartridge last longer if I turn the unit on and off as needed?

    • The Neutralizer Pro and Compact Kit have been designed to be on permanently until the essential oil runs out when connected in a growing environment. However if used in a House, Car, Hotel it can be turned on and off.  Please follow these guidelines for satisfactory results.


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