Fast Green Hand Clean Spray 118ml - 4oz

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Fast Green Hand Clean Spray 118ml / 4oz

Fast Green Hand Clean Spray is a unique, all natural hand cleaner that allows you to rid your hands of sticky substances without the need for soap and water. Fast Green Hand Clean was designed to effectively remove resin, tree sap, chewing gum, car grease, sticker residue, latex caulk, roof cement, grime and more. Don't hesitate to explore the many uses of Fast Green Hand Clean - its not just for hands. 1,000 Sprays per bottle. Certified organic ingredients.

    • Made in USA
    • Spray-wipe-done; no soap or water needed
    • Wipes clean cell phones; iPods; door handles and more
    • Great for cleaning sticker adhesive and residue
    • Use on the go - just a few squirts and you're done

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