Integra Boost 4 gr Humidiccant 62% RH - 5 pack or 10 pack

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-Extends shelf life while retaining weight
-Prevent mold and over-drying
-Preserves organoleptic and medical properties
-Maintains aroma and flavor
-Non-corrosive solution that does not contain salts

Integra Boost 4 gr Humidiccant 62% RH

Eliminate the guessing game with Integra Boost humidity control that is adaptive and responsive to the environment. 
  • 4 gr of Integra Boost is perfect for up to 12 grams of plant material*
  • 8 gr of Integra Boost is perfect for up to 12 grams to 28 grams of plant material*
  • 67 gr of Integra Boost is perfect for up to 450 grams of plant material*
Integra Boost Humidiccant utilizes patent pending technology that maintains relative humidity at 55% in contained environment by absorbing or releasing moisture.

Keep your plants fresh by maintaining optimum humidity level to prevent: 

  • Dry and crispy buds
  • Harsh and unpleasant smoke
  • Mold from forming
Preserve your plants aroma with Integra Boost: 
  • Will not alter smell of your flowers
  • Preserve all medical qualities
  • Maintain flavors
Integra Boost for your Plants: 
  • Control moisture consistently and effectively
  • Does not transfer any smell
  • Includes replacement indicator which provides hands free monitoring
*There is no harm in using multiple packs to introduce moisture faster. Integra Boost packets will adapt and respond accordingly. When new humidity is introduced into the container (due to opening) your Replacement Indicator Card will react (turning dot blue). Upon resealing the container, it will stabilize and dot will turn back to lavender.

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