Cure UV Germ Away UV HVAC Coil Scrubber Microbial Disinfection for Horticulture

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Install the Cure UV Germ Away UV HVAC Coil Scrubber Microbial Disinfection Cleaner to stop your Air Conditioning system from incubating and spraying mold onto your plants!

Cure UV Germ Away UV HVAC Coil Scrubber Microbial Disinfection for Horticulture is what every cultivator needs to ensure their grows are clean for a nice healthy harvest. The greatest benefit that indoor gardening brings to the world of horticulture is control. Cultivators can control the exact amount of light that gets to the plant. They can also control the exact temperature and the water conditions. Unfortunately, it also brings a couple of minor downsides. In addition to cost, indoor gardening operations tend to be more susceptible to mold than their outdoor counterparts. The worst offender, especially when speaking of plant cultivation, is powdery mildew.

This plant destroying mold not only harms your production on clearly infected plants but can also significantly lower the yield of seemingly healthy adjacent ones. Although some strains of plants are more resistant to powdery mildew than others and cultivators are regularly screening and selecting for resistance, the best solution currently is still to eliminate it from the environment throughout the growth process.

The very first step to keeping a mildew free cultivation is to sterilize the pods and clones before and during planting. This can easily be done with a handheld clone sterilizer. The second step is to eliminate mold in the air. Even a few mold spores, if left untreated can lead to a serious infestation. Luckily, most indoor growers already have the making of an industrial sized air sterilization system in the air conditioning. By installing this coil scrubber system in the coils, the HVAC system will seize to be a breeding ground for mold that sprinkles the spores on your crops and become a mold eradication system. Once you have installed a coil scrubber, we also recommend installing a couple of HVAC UV Duct Sterilizers within the system to ensure you are eliminating any spores that are able to filter through.

Why Cure UV Germ Away UV HVAC Coil Scrubber Microbial Disinfection for Horticulture?

There are admittedly a number of ways to deal with mold spores and other harmful microbial contaminants in plants. Some people use expensive ozone "washing", other use chlorine dioxide, and other still use even more chemically stringent treatments. Although these methods have shown some degrees of success, the problem is that many are still introducing potentially harmful chemicals into a crop that is meant to be consumed into the body. Ultraviolet treatment is the only method that is not only affordable but fully chemical free and effective.The UV-C light of 254nm wavelenght destroys the DNA of the mold parasites but leaves no lasting chemical or other elements in your product.

Cure UV Germ Away UV HVAC Coil Scrubber Microbial Disinfection for Horticulture Applications:

    • HVAC systems in horticulture

Which system is right for me?

Generally speaking, you want to get as much UV-C intensity as close to the coil as possible. If you have a W-shaped coil, it is considered best practices to install one bulb in each of the crevices in the W, using the 72 watt system. If however, you have a simple coil without much space, you can install the smaller 36 watt system.

What about the electricity cost?

Many people are reasonably concerned that having 2 powerful UV-C bulbs running all year can cost a fortune. Luckily, that is a misconception. With average electricity costs in the US, running this powerful AC coil scrubber costs only about $6.31 per month in electricity. Certainly not free but a fair price to pay for cleaner healthier air without harmful mold and fungal plant parasites.


  • Power: 72 watts/36 watts
  • Bulb Life: 10,000 hours
  • Bulb Length: 16.1 inches
  • Wavelength: 254nm (UV-C
UVC Output (measured on EIT UV Power Puck II): 
  • @1" around bulbs output is 8.5 mw/cm^2
  • @5" around bulbs output is 4 mw/cm^2
  • @10" around bulbs output is 1.75 mw/cm^2
  • * mw/cm^2 (millwatts per centimeter squared) is a measure of the light intensity. To get dosage (joules), you need to multiply the intensity by the time.

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