Cure UV Germ Away Premier 35 Watt Handheld UVC Surface Sterilizer

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For effective UV sterilization of walls, tabletops, furniture, and many other surfaces!

This UV light is a 99.9% proven effective treatment against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and mold. The UV light has a UVC electronically brightened reflector (CureUV's proprietary design) built into the UV system to maximize the UV intensity and output. The only one of its kind to maximize germ-free surface purification and sterilization.


  • Lightweight handheld device with shatterproof lamp
  • UV application disinfects surfaces without chemicals, offering a safe, simple, and cost effective solution
  • Portable-easy to use. Just plug in and slowly pass the UV device over contaminated surfaces
  • Long service life - UV lamp is rated for 10,000 hours

Common Applications for use of the Cure UV Germ Away 35 watt handheld:

  • Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation
  • Food Processing
  • Processing
  • Warehousing
  • Handling
  • Restaurants
  • Clean Rooms
  • Schools, Day Care Centers, and Locker Rooms
  • Medical Industry
  • Research Labs
  • Equipment Sterilization
  • Agriculture (Crops)

Why should I buy the Germ Away 35 watt handheld?

    • Portable and Small enough for smaller surfaces - with a molded and sturdy handle, a 6 feet cord for mobility and distance this device is small enough to be moved and maneuvered to sanitize any surface. You can use it to sanitize even the smallest of surface spaces like inside lockers, ambulances, desk, drawers and cupboards.
    • Effective against a range of viruses and bacteria - including MRSA, TB, E.Coli, Salmonella, CRKP, VRE, colds, flu and measles.
    • Mold remediation - the powerful UV-C emission and reflection is especially effective against mold, treating and killing mold spores more quickly.
    • Shatterproof coated bulb - this coating adds a layer of protection against broken glass. This is particularly necessary for people working in food preparation/production or to protect children and the elderly.
    • Bulb lasts up to 10, 000 hours - this allows for a long use life without having to change out the bulb constantly. The bulb also has a low mercury dosage and produces no ozone making it environmentally friendly. And when the time does come to replace the bulb, CureUV has a the affordable replacement bulbs easily available

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