Cure UV Germ Away 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier

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SKU 201040


The Cure UV Germ Away 36 Watt HVAC UVC Air Purifier is safest and easiest way to provide chemical free home ac sterilization!

This GermAwayUV HVAC UVC Air Purifier contains a 16 inch 36 watt UV light to inactivate and kill bacteria, molds, protozoa, viruses and yeasts. The fixture is high quality with a long lifespan and low mercury dosage to meet environmental demands.

Key Features: 

    • Easy Installation in forced-air heating and cooling systems
    • Provides the greatest line of defense against spreading airborne pathogens through the HVAC system
    • 36 Watt UVC Light ensures Ultraviolet disinfection and clean air throughout your home or business
    • Kills up to 70% of certain airborne bacteria passing by the system
    • Exclusive safety features
    • Sealed design prevents contact with voltage and UV rays
    • Fastest UVC lamp replacement in the market
    • Lamp replacement indicator

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