Antelco Drip Mate Complete Irrigation Kit with Shrubbler

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Antelco Drip Mate Retail Kit (shrubbler)

The Drip Mate® Kits are simple, complete and easy to use. They have been designed to meet your drip irrigation needs and are offered with complete instructions. The Drip Mate® Kits include all of the essential micro drip components needed to install a drip irrigation system.

System Components Include: 

    • 50 feet 1/2” Mainline Tubing P.E. .520 ID x .620 OD
    • 50 feet of 1/4” Tubing
    • 25 Shrubbler® 360° Spike adjustable flow or Spectrum™ 360˚ Spike
    • Snap-On Tap Adapter
    • Snap-On Filter
    • Ratchet Clamp
    • Figure 8 End Closure (2)
    • Goof Plug (Rack of 10)
    • Key Punch™
    • Elbow
    • Tee

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