Microclone Plant Tissue Culture Kits

Microclone Plant Tissue Culture Kits allow you to use sophisticated growing techniques used in research labs and commercial operations at home. Plant tissue culture is a method of starting plants in a “bonsai” fashion in small containers. Each culture produces an unlimited number of an exact genetic match.

Get your favorite plants into tissue culture fast. Super Starts microcloning makes thousands of rooted cuttings without mother plants. Microcloning grows plants and cuttings on a medium of sugar and agar, saving space and lighting. The jars and tubs produce dozens of plants every few weeks with very little effort.

Imagine cutting parts from your favorite plants and seeing them generate fresh shoots and roots before your eyes. A piece of Begonia leaf begins to grow new plants all over it soon after being placed in the growing media. The new plants explode with bushy growth energized by the sugar and hormones. In commercial applications, roses are flowered in tissue culture and orchid growers use tissue culture to speed up new growth of their valuable new breeds. Now you can employ these same techniques at home!

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