Beanstalk CRF Nutrient Starter Bundle 1lb or 3lb

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Beanstalk CRF Nutrient Starter Bundle 1lb or 3lb

Beanstalk Controlled-Release Fertilizer (CRF) provides a gradual release of nutrients that automatically and intelligently matches a plant's growth cycle. Improve your efficiency, cut costs, simplify your protocols and boost yields today with CRF.

Beanstalk CRF requires only one application and water to give your plants the nutrients they need throughout their entire growth cycle. Beanstalk's controlled release formula is customized: nitrogen early-on for strong vegetative growth and a programmed auto-transition to potassium and phosphorus dominant release for thick and dense flowers that are coated in terpene-rich resin. Stop wasting time and money mixing nutrient tanks daily and increase your yield and quality with Beanstalk CRF.

No bottles. No powders. Beanstalk allows you to improve your efficiency, cut costs, simplify your protocols and boost yields today!

Beanstalk CRF Nutrient Starter Bundle - Includes:

Absolute Flower 11-3-17

Absolute Flower is a one part flowering fertilizer with a 90 day release rate. For use on final pot transplants for plants moving into their flowering cycle. If a longer flowering strain is being utilized, additional fertilizer can be added according to the estimated maturation time. Potent enough to be used on its own, but it is best used with K-Boost and Fortify when pushing plants hard.


K-Boost 1-0-31

K-BOOST is a potassium-boosting, controlled-release fertilizer that promotes the most optimal flower growth and density with just one application. K-BOOST has added magnesium (4%) and a 100 day release rate. Magnesium is added to balance higher levels of potassium and makes a great additive for high PPFD LED growers. Best used in conjunction with Absolute Flower during the final pot transplant for plants moving into the flowering cycle. K- Boost is added at a rate of 5 grams per gallon of media. Expect to notice significantly increased flower density after weeks three and four.


Fortify 12-0-0

Fortify is a calcium nitrate fertilizer with a 100 day release rate. Best used with crops that need more calcium and especially important for growers using coco coir. Can be used in both vegetative and flowering cycles and can be sub-dressed to address any acute calcium deficiencies. Apply at a rate of 5 grams per gallon of media. For best results, use in conjunction with Beanstalk's Absolute Flower and K-Boost fertilizers.


V-Basis 14-4-12

V-Basis is an all in one vegetative fertilizer with a 70 day release rate. Best used for mother plants, nursery stock, or small vegetative plants before they go into their final flowering container. Designed for optimal nursery production with no other additives needed.

V-Basis is ideal for propagation and continuous vegetation. Applied at a rate of 25 grams per gallon grow media. V-basis is a robust solution for all nursery production, great for rooted seedlings, rooted cuttings and mother plants. This is a stand-alone product for all vegetative demands. It is recommended to use the other 3 products from Beanstalk AG if you are transplanting into a final pot intended for flowering.


**V-Basis is meant to be a stand alone fertilizer for small nursery plants and mothers. Absolute Flower, K-Boost, and Fortify are meant to be used together. This flowering trio is mixed into the final container at transplant.

How do I Use it?

  1. Fill your pot with coco, peat or other substrate to 80% full.
  2. Add Absolute Flower, K-Boost and Fortify at rate on cheat sheet below.
  3. Mix gently, transplant, & fill pot - add remaining 20% of substrate.
  4. Water at pH 5.6-6.5
  5. Veg for 10-21 days
  6. Check run off weekly, try to maintain 1.5-2.5 EC
  7. Try finishing with yucca, carbs, and microbes two weeks before harvest for a pop in flavor.

*One application is really all it takes. Fill your pot to 80% full of your favorite substrate and gently mix in the CRF making sure that there are no granules on the surface.

**Using CRF you simply maintain your reservoir with clean low EC water (below200 ppm) at 5.8 -6.2 PH and irrigate only enough to maintain medium soil moisture.


*Recommended for use with AutoPot Watering Systems

** Beanstalk CRF FAQs

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