Beanstalk CRF - K-BOOST (1-0-31) - Potassium Boost

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Beanstalk CRF - K-BOOST (1-0-31) - Potassium Boost

K-BOOST is a potassium-boosting, controlled-release fertilizer that promotes the most optimal flower growth and density with just one application. K-BOOST has added magnesium (4%) and a 100 day release rate.  Magnesium is added to balance higher levels of potassium and makes a great additive for high PPFD LED growers. Best used in conjunction with Absolute Flower during the final pot transplant for plants moving into the flowering cycle. K- BOOST is added at a rate of 5 grams per gallon of media. Expect to notice significantly increased flower density after weeks three and four.


How do I Use it?

  1. Fill your pot with coco, peat or other substrate to 80% full.
  2. Add Absolute Flower, K-Boost and Fortify at rate on cheat sheet below.
  3. Mix gently, transplant, & fill pot - add remaining 20% of substrate.
  4. Water at pH 5.6-6.5
  5. Veg for 10-21 days
  6. Check run off weekly, try to maintain 1.5-2.5 EC
  7. Try finishing with yucca, carbs, and microbes two weeks before harvest for a pop in flavor.

*One application is really all it takes. Fill your pot to 80% full of your favorite substrate and gently mix in the CRF making sure that there are no granules on the surface.

**Using CRF you simply maintain your reservoir with clean low EC water (below200 ppm) at 5.8 -6.2 PH and irrigate only enough to maintain medium soil moisture.


*Recommended for use with AutoPot Watering Systems

** Beanstalk CRF FAQs

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