Vegamatrix Gallons Set

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  • Vegamatrix is 100% Veganic
  • 100% Non-GMO Plant Based Nutrients
  • Virtually No Heavy Metals
  • Engineered For Explosive Growth


Vegamatrix Gallons Set

Try out the Complete Vegmatrix Veganic Nutrient line with this easy to use and affordable Vegamatrix Gallons Set. Save money by buying the entire line at once!

The Vegamatrix Gallons Set Includes 1 Gallon bottles of: 

  • Grow
  • Bloom
  • Boost
  • Prime Zyme
  • Amp It
  • Hard n Quick
  • Big N Sticky
Veganic cultivation is 100% safe and non-toxic for all living things.

Vegamatrix is 100% Veganic derived from NON GMO soy and grain solubles which are fermented and homogenized. Plant extracts, rock phosphate, kelps, humic and fulvic acid complexes, essential aminos, macro-nutrients and vitamins complete the formula.

The team at Vegamatrix has worked very hard to create a superior Veganic nutrient that is easy to use. They’ve included all the essential ingredients into 4 bottles: Grow, Bloom, Boost, and Amp-It. It’s virtually non- burning and formulated so you can feed with every watering thus eliminating the guesswork to feed or not. The Prime Zyme and Hard n Quick additives are the perfect additions to any nutrient line. Try this wonderful veganic line today with the Vegamatrix Gallons Set.

The Vegamatrix Gallons Set Contains 1 Gallon bottles of... 

  • Vegamatrix Grow is formulated to be a complete plant food. Combining Vegamatrix Grow with Vegamatrix Bloom and Boost will enhance its effectiveness.
  • Vegamatrix Bloom is designed with flowering, fruiting, and budding plants in mind. Highly effective base nutrient.
  • Vegamatrix Boost is designed to augment the needs of additional Calcium and Magnesium which can’t be included in Grow and Bloom formulations. Additional natural veganic ingredients have also been added to facilitate high metabolism and growth rates in all plants. Combining Vegamatrix Boost with Grow and Bloom will enhance its effectiveness. Vegamatrix Boost is designed to be a stand-alone Ca-Mg supplement compatible with all base nutrients.
  • Vegamatrix Prime Zyme is crucial to maximizing the potential of the Rhizosphere(root zone). Prime Zyme only contains food grade enzymes. Enzymes break down dead root mass, unavailable nutrients and decomposing organic matter and convert them into a usable form for your plants. Regular use guarantees your roots and their mycelia remain healthy.
  • Vegamatrix Amp It Micros + Aminos is designed to amend the nutrition for crops in high-yield situations. This precise blend of naturally mined minerals, plant extracts and amino acids will also aid plants in achieving increased metabolism.
  • Vegamatrix Hard N Quick Foliar Magic is the first foliar supplement to have FDA approved ingredients. Hard-N-Quick Foliar Magic contains concentrated cytokinins, a naturally occurring plant phytohoromone found in Ascophyllum odosum (Sea Kelp) that stimulates cell division and cell growth.
  • Vegamatrix Big N Sticky is the PK booster that everyone was asking for in the Vegamatrix line. Veganic and specially designed to take your flowers to the next level in weight and frostiness. You can't go wrong with Big N Sticky!
Go Veganic and Save money with the Vegamatrix Gallons Set Today!

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