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TNB Naturals KELPTASTIC 100% Pure Canadian Kelp Meal 1lb / 454g

Kelptasic is a natural and cost effective soil amendment derived from the nutrient rich North Atlantic Ocean in Canada. Harvested by hand and dried in the sun, Kelptastic contains over 60 trace elements required for healthy plant growth. Kelptastic is suitable for all crops and applications, plus it can be mixed with most soil conditioners and fertilizers. It can also be incorporated into potting soils, seed and transplant beds, as well as composting material. In fact, it acts as an activator which speeds up the compost process.

Kelptastic provides numerous vitamins which aid in plant growth and stress relief. It also contains minerals, carbohydrates and amino acids which assist in the formation of chelates with nutrients and minerals. Chelates are very important in allowing plants to uptake certain essential nutrients while also improving absorption.

Use Kelptastic to increase flower production, improve the quality of crops and boost final yields. Applying Kelptastic helps to retain moisture while stimulating healthy root development by producing greater root mass and more lateral root growth. Kelptastic also improves seed germination and overall soil health by feeding the organisms that cycle the nutrients required to feed plants.

Kelptastic promotes lateral bud development and helps to prevent nutrient leaching. Kelptastic also helps create a greater resistance to pests and disease, while improving vigor and tolerance to stress.

Kelptastic can be used on your plants, trees, vegetables, herbs, flowers, lawns, turfs and in compost teas.

Use Kelptastic as a soil amendment or as a top dressing.

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