Nutri Plus Green

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Nutri-Plus Green 1 L 

Specialized nutrient components 
  • Ideal for use as a foliar spray
  • SUPERCHARGED foliar multi-vitamin for your plants
  • Contains essential micro and macronutrients to revitalize your garden
  • Reduces yellowing of leaves
  • Gives energy to young cuttings
  • Kick starts vegetative growth
  • Compatible with all mineral and organic nutrients
  • Specialty fertilizer for home and garden
  • Excellent for foliar feeding
  • Compatible with all mineral or organic fertilizers
Nutri-Plus GREEN is a concentrated and source of micro nutrients and organic chelates that gives weak and yellowing plants a beneficial source of nutrients.

Designed principally for foliar feeding, nutri+ GREEN can also be used as a supplement to increase the concentration of micro nutrients and organic chelates in your hydroponic fertilizer solution.

Foliar feeding: Use 3ml of nutri+ GREEN per liter of water. Spray to cover both sides of leaves in the morning or evening. Avoid spraying during day cycle or in full sun.
Nutrient additive: Use 1 to 3 ml of nutri+ GREEN per liter of nutrient solution.

While essential for vigorous growth, micro nutrients are required in minimum quantities. To prevent plant damage, please follow suggested application rates.

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