NEW Nutri Plus Gold 0-0-0.45 - Fulvic Acid 15%

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NEW Nutri+ GOLD 0-0-0.45

Fulvic Acid 15%

  • Accelerates the translocation of nutrients
  • Channel resources to cells
  • Optimizes sugar production
  • Extends cell life (contains several antioxidants)
  • Provides and makes available several trace elements
  • Increases vigor and production capacity
  • Catalyzes enzyme reactions
  • Compatible with any mineral or organic fertilizer

The elements contained in nutri + ® GOLD, are intimately linked to the transport and use of nutrients inside the plant. The low molecular weight of nutri + ® GOLD makes it easy to pass through the membranes of roots and leaves, allowing rapid delivery of nutrients throughout the plant. By drastically increasing the availability of elements inside cells, nutri + ® GOLD allows better photosynthesis, increased respiration and increased production of sugars. The result is a visible increase in production, both in weight and in quality.


Shake well before using.
For vegetative and blooming stages

Use 2 ml of nutri+ ® GOLD per liter of solution.

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