MIICROBIAL MASS PRO is a plant amendment product comprised of several unique species of beneficial bacteria shown to promote plant vigor, increase plant biomass, and enhance microbial life in and around the root zone. MIICROBIAL MASS PRO offers the same great benefits as the original formulation, but with a higher concentration per volume appropriate for larger gardens. Application: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. One application to the grow media every two weeks. Best used within 24 hours of mixing. Read the label before use. For Use in Any Growing Program MIICROBIAL MASS PRO serves as a valuable addition to any cultivation system Effective in any growing media and in any conventional or organic nutrient program Compatible with soil, supersoil, rock wool, coco coir, expanded clay pellets, deep water culture, and other hydroponic systems Certified organic by Ecocert Canada CFIA registered and Health Canada approved.

  • MIICROBIAL MASS Pro is specially developed to maximize plant yield using multiple bacterial species.
  • MIICROBIAL MASS Pro is compatible with all growing media and all base nutrients.
  • Microbial Mass Pro has a proprietary blend of bacteria promotes a healthy root zone by solubilizing phosphorus and calcium, and assisting with the bioavailability of iron and other fertilization compounds from both organic and inorganic sources.
  • MIICROBIAL MASS Pro is approved for certified organic production.
  • MIICROBIAL MASS Pro can be safely and effectively used with oxidizing agents.

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