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The ILUMINAR 630W DE CMH DE grow light was engineered to be the closest alternative to natural sunlight. We’ve taken cutting edge technology to design a ballast that runs efficiently and a reflector that will deliver maximum uniformity -- making this grow light more efficient than HPS or MH. 

The CMH ballasts can be run independently or with the ILUMINAR Touch Controller or HASH Controller. The ballasts are also compatible with Priva, Hortimax, and Argus controllers (0-10V Protocol), allowing you full control to dial in your gardens to specific requirements. 

Ceramic Metal Halide or “CMH” lamps provide a wider spectrum and more UV light compared to other grow lights. When a larger more yield is the desired outcome, the ILUMINAR CMH gives you the competitive edge. Our CMH DE fixture reduces the cost of relamping while also minimizing overhead expenses. 

Our CMH Ballast delivers a low frequency, square wave technology in order to provide a constant maximum voltage to the lamp for an extended period of time giving your plants more photons of light. The CMH ballasts are designed to properly ignite and operate on a low frequency ensuring the safety of you and your crop.

*WARNING: Only use a low-frequency ballast when running CMH lamps. Using a high-frequency ballast increases the risk of the lamp exploding and possibly causing injury. 

The 630W DE offers the most sophisticated technology, integrating the first of its kind, single-handed “roll-lock” socket for one-handed easy installation when you need it most. 


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    • Less heat = reduced cooling costs


  • Random Start Technology

        • At ILUMINAR, we’ve programmed our products to protect your breakers and panels. In multi-fixture applications, our Random Start Technology will ignite one lamp at a time in a random sequence with a millisecond delay so your electrical panel does not feel the draw of numerous fixtures at the same time.  
      • Energy efficient
      • Compatible with ILUMINAR Touch Controller, ILUMINAR HASH Controller, PRIVA and Argus (0-10V Protocol)
      • Ignition Failure Protection 
      • Uniform Light Distribution 


  • Soft Start Technology

      • Prolong lamp life by preventing overload with our Soft Start Technology. Using the dimmable technology built into each ballast,  the lamp will ignite with a limited amount of power and gradually increase the power to the lamp until it reaches maximum brightness.  
    • 30,000 hours of Full Spectrum Use
    • Low Frequency - Square Wave Technology 
    • Replaceable Reflector
    • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty on all ILUMINAR Ballasts, 1 Year Warranty on Lamps, read more at
    • Minimum Power Factor: 0.95
    • Crest Factor: < 1.7
    • Input Connection: IP68 Wieland Plug
    • Operation Frequency: 140 / 220Hz
    • Dimming Gear:  315/ 475 / 630 / 675 / EXT 
    • Relative Humidity: 25-70% (non-condensing)
    • Operation Temperature: -20 - 40°C / -4 - 104°F

    Physical Specifications

    • Case Width: 264mm / 10.4”
    • Case Length: 573mm / 22.56”
    • Height: 597.9mm / 23.54”
    • Weight: 6.7kg / 14.77 Ib

    Technical Info 630W DE CMH

    • Input Volts S (+/- 10%): 120V | 240V | 277V | 347V
    • Input Current: 5.56A | 2.79A | 2.27A | 1.95A
    • Input Power: 675W
    • Voltage Range: 108-264V | 249-290V | 312-382V
    • THD: <15%
    • Main Frequency: 50 / 60 Hz
    • Minimum Power Factor: .95 | .90
    • Crest Factor: < 1.7
    • Input Connection: IP68 Wieland Plug 
    • Operation Frequency: 140-220Hz
    • Dimming Gear:  315 / 475 / 630 / 675 / EXT  
    • Relative Humidity: 25-70% (Non-Condensing) 
    • Operation Temp: -20 - 40°C / -4-104°F
    • Recommended lamp:  630W DE

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