HTP Plant Resin Extractor - World's First Stovetop Plant Extractor!

by HTP
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HTP Plant Resin Extractor

The HTP Plant Resin Extractor is the World's first stove top Extractor Press and is made from solid culinary grade copper!

$100 off and a free Roach Clip with every order of a High Tech Press Rosin Press!

This non-electric portable unit works on any gas/electric range or camping stove. The HTP Rosin Press features an ambidextrous lid handle and comes complete with a digital thermometer and 400 degree heat resistant gloves. 

  • Culinary grade solid copper
  • 1,000 pounds of pressure
  • Non-electric
  • 100% portable
  • 6” x 6” surface area
  • Works on any stove top
  • Ambidextrous lid handles

WARNING: Gloves love heat resistant properties when wet. Always use caution around open flame and heat. Press stays hot to touch for over an hour after flame/heat has been turned off.

BEFORE YOU START: Adjust clamp wing nut accordingly for product thickness BEFORE starting the heating process.


  • 250 - 300 Degrees: Higher Quality/Less Yield
  • 300 - 350 Degrees: Higher Yield/Lower Quality

HTP Rosin Press Instruction Card

HTP Plant Extractor Instructions:

  1. With clamp in the open position, place Press on burned over a medium flame or heat for approximately 5 minutes. Make sure flame does not protrude out the sides.
  2. Insert digital thermometer shaft into the hold opposite of handle. When desired temperature is achieved, turn the flame/heat off.
  3. While wearing gloves, lift handle and open the top plate.
  4. Place material in parchment paper onto the bottom plate.
  5. Wearing BOTH gloves, close top plate and apply clamp until it clicks. Leave material clamped for 8-10 seconds. USING GLOVES, unclamp and open top plate. Remove the parchment envelope immediately so as not to burn or overheat your material.

High Tech Presses Information

Built in the USA, HTP Presses and Pipes adhere to strict specifications and high standards producing quality products that stand the test of time. Using the finest Copper, Aircraft Aluminum and Stainless Steel sourced from within the United States, you can rest assured that their metals are free of toxins. HTP Presses are designed to utilize heat as well as pressure in order to gain optimal end results for your product needs.

High Tech Pipes has various Presses available featuring both round, rectangle and square molds:

  • The Big Daddy Press 2 Ton (3" diameter , 2" thick)
  • The Mega Square Press (3" x 3", 3" thick)
  • The HTP Square Press 2 Ton (3" x 3", 3" thick)
  • The Brick Press 4 Ton (3 x 5", 2" thick)
  • The Monster Press 8 Ton (5" x 7", 3" thick)
  • The Big Bastard Press 10 Ton (7" x 9", 3" thick) 
More instructional videos of High Tech Presses can be found here.

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