HighDroGro Stash Box 2.0 - Grow Tent Kit

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The HighDroGro Stash Box 2.0 (with LED Light) comes with everything you need to grow up to three plants! An All In One complete kit for growing plants! 
HighDroGro is a one stop shop tent solution, a beautiful, functional professional grade tent with kit inclusive of accessories and everything you need to start your garden growing journey and better yet – you’ll recover your total investment with the first harvest. In fact, we will even provide you a seed voucher redeemable for your first crop (Intended only to be exercised where permitted). The HighDroGro Stash Box 2.0 Grow Tent is the perfect all in one solution to grow up to three plants.

  • Capacity: 2-3 Full Sized Plants
  • Dimensions: 3’2” x 2’ x 5’5” (96 x 62 x 168 cm)
  • Tent Fabric: 3 Bonded layers. Outer Canvas 600D Light Density
  • Black PEVA vinyl Center, Low Gloss White PEVA Vinyl interior
  • Pole Diameter: 16mm
  • Pole Material: White Powder Coated (rust resilient) steel
  • Door Quantity: 1
  • Window Quantity: 3 (front and both sides)
  • Venting: 3ea 6” x 12” (Velvro sealed)
  • Ducting Port at Tent Ceiling
  • Electrical Port Quantity: 2 (3”)
  • Removable Inner Spill Tray
  • Industrial Heavy Duty Zippers (designed for light elimination)
  • 3′ T8 LED Fixtures (3’ x 2’) with 6 bulbs designed for full spectrum growing from Germination through Flowering
  • 8” Carbon Filters w/4” neck. – Removes virtually all odor during flowering period
  • Ultra quiet 4” Inline fans draws 158CFM
  • Humidity / Temperature monitor – big numbers, easy for viewing through the windows
  • Timer – essential for controlling your garden
  • Quiet 6” Fan for circulation

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