Grasshopper Supply Bucket

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Grasshopper Supply Bucket

The Grasshopper allows you to weigh and pack your product, cleaner and faster!

  • easy to use all-in-one tool
  • eliminates spillage and product loss
  • made with food grade material
  • universal design for any industry
  • built to last with precision engineering

Quality product needs quality process.

You invest substantial time and thought into every aspect of creating a sought-after final product.

You can now extend that same degree of care into protecting your investment towards the end of its journey.

The Grasshopper all-in-one sets a higher standard for the bulk packing process: maximum efficiency.

The Grasshopper not only saves you precious time, it protects the quality and integrity of your product during the crucial bulk packing stage.

Perfect your process and create a stronger finish for your product. An asset in any cultivating, processing, or distribution center — small or large — the addition of the Grasshopper will leave you pleasantly satisfied.


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