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The DeBudder Edge Original works great for mid-size to commercial growing operations, mount it to a wooden, plastic or metal surface securely with the provided mounting screws and begin saving time and money immediately! The DeBudder Edge has 10 mounting screws which securely holds the bucking tool to your desired table. Also, works great with 20 gallon industrial Rubbermaid tubs. After developing the DeBudder Bucket Lid now comes another great innovation from the Original 420 Brand group. Now buck any length stem with ease and efficiency, the DeBudder Bucket Lid limited the ability to buck longer stems but now there is no worry on length!

Start using your DeBudder Edge in 4 simple steps.

1. Use on fresh green flower or wait until the drying room is at 57 - 63 percent humidity. This is the perfect time to remove the flowers from the stems. 2. Attach the DeBudder Edge to any wooden work surface above an appropriate collection container using the provided screws.
3. While holding the bottom of stem, insert stem pointing away from your body into an appropriately sized notch.
4. With a firm grip, quickly pull stem back and downwards in one smooth motion. Buds fall gently into container. Empty container as needed.

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