AutoPot Pro Filter Click Fit Tank Adaptor and Filter

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AutoPot Pro Fitler Click Fit Tank Adapter and Filter

The AutoPot Pro Filter introduces growers everywhere to the levels of adjustability and customization favored by commercial facilities. Different filter inserts can be used providing the grower with different micron options depending on their growing demands.

Whilst professional growers demand precision they also require products that are durable, reliable and easy to maintain. Pro Filter was designed with these qualities in mind.

The filter has a larger, drum-shaped filter area and a higher micron element for added protection against blockages. Its larger size makes dismantling and cleaning simple

The Professional Click Fit Tank Adapter and Filter comes with everything you need to hook right into your Flexi Tank Tap and get growing!

***Please note – ProFilter is only suitable for systems which run 1/2” pipe from the FlexiTank or FlexiTank Pro.***

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