15' of 3/8" tubing - Compatible with AQUAvalve5 and 3/8″ Fittings

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15' of 3/8" tubing - Compatible with AQUAvalve5 and 3/8″ Fittings

Choose 3/8″ OD for AQUAvalve5 (gray/black) and 3/8″ Fittings

Choose 1/4″ for older AQUAvalve4’s (black/red) with 1/4″ Fittings

All AutoPot Watering Systems, Modules and Kits are now supplied with 3/8″ pipe and fittings suitable for AQUAvalve5.

3/8″ pipe specs – 6.35 MM ID X 9.1MM OD. Custom Special Blend Matte Black AutoPot tubing.

The composite and design of the pipe has been chosen to complement the AutoPot range and to ensure that easy connection is achieved and that water flow is at its maximum.

1/4″ pipe remains available for those running older systems featuring pre-October 2020 AQUAvalves. 1/4″ pipe specs – 4mm ID x 6mm OD.

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