GermAwayUV UV-C Sanitation 16" Conveyor System w/ 320 Watts of UV Irradiation

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SKU 301153-20

Ideal for Horticulture. The perfect way to sterilize your harvest!

With countless potential uses, this disinfection conveyor sure ticks a lot of boxes. Stainless Steel construction for easy cleaning, and a UV transmitting belt allows the 16 UVC bulbs to irradiate your product from all sides & angles ensuring a swift kill of harmful virus and bacteria. Variable belt speed allows for more dosage time if required. Can be used standalone or added to your existing line. Easy controls and long life bulbs ensure minimal maintenance and servicing too.

Features of 16" Conveyor:

  • Voltage: 220V or 120V
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • UV Germicidal Area 40" x 16"
  • Conveyor Width: 16"
  • Germicidal oven entry/exit height: Adjustable up to 6"
  • Conveyor Speed: 0-16 feet per minute
  • UV Bulbs: 16
  • UV Bulb Power: 20 watts x 16 
  • Highly reflective inner surface to help boost lamp effectiveness 

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