AutoPots: What They Are and How They Help in Hydroponics

AutoPots: What They Are and How They Help in Hydroponics

If you’re just beginning to explore hydroponics, AutoPots watering systems are excellent for both beginners and experienced commercial growers. Requiring no electricity or plumbing to run, AutoPots are easy to set up, maintain, and clean, and they are a practically waste-free system. If you’re considering taking up hydroponics as a hobby or a professional looking for ways to save money and resources, consider this system. Here’s a guide to AutoPots, what they are, and how they help in hydroponics.

A Simple System

AutoPots incorporate a wick system while sharing aspects of a flood and drain system. Essentially, with AutoPots, you fill a central tank with nutrient solution. This is connected to several pots by tubes, allowing the main tank to deliver healthful water, minerals, and more to the individual pots and their plants. AutoPots, despite their name, are not electric; they deliver the goods through gravity, allowing the solution to find its way to the lower pots. A float rises and falls to deliver solution when the pots run dry, so your plants dictate the watering schedule. AutoPot is the only automated system on the market to provide plant-driven automated watering powered by gravity. By and large, all you really need to do during the growing season is to keep the tank topped off, occasionally bleed the lines, and clean the pots after harvest.

A Few Great Things About AutoPots

First off, you’ll save money—who doesn’t love that? Since AutoPots are a hydroponic auto feed system, they run on gravity. There are no timers, pumps, or other devices to install or run off a power source all day long. Your electricity bills remain unaffected, and you won’t have to pay a plumber to hook up your system. AutoPots save water too, with some reportedly cutting water use in half by using every drop of water and solution you add. There is no runoff or waste water, so not only are you saving water, but you’re also preventing the waste of nutrients and other inputs; this, in turn, will save you money. Like all hydroponics systems, as an indoor, self-contained piece of equipment, the AutoPots hydroponic auto feed system’s waste products won’t directly enter the environment either. Also, they don’t waste or deplete the soil nor take up space outside.

Should You Get One?

As mentioned above, AutoPots are simple, easy to assemble and maintain systems that can give beginning growers a fun, generally hassle-free experience. If you choose to get serious about hydroponics, however, the cost of AutoPots increases with the number of pots in the system. But most starter kits of four are a reasonably affordable way to get in on the ground floor of hydroponic gardening—a six-pot system can run you about $160 or less. Smaller kits don’t take up too much space either and, as mentioned, don’t require extraneous equipment. The lack of pumps and timers also means no noise or extra heat generated by such devices. Less inputs means you spend less money. Also, fewer pumps, timers, and more means fewer things that can go wrong with your grow. Even if your power goes out, the AutoPot System will still feed your plants in the dark!

What’s Next?

Those are the basics on AutoPots, what they are, and how they help in hydroponics. If you want to purchase a system, please contact us. We’ll help you determine which AutoPot kit is best for your needs.

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