vegamatrix starter kit

Vegamatrix Starter Kit

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  • -Try out the complete Vegmatrix Nutrient Line with this easy-to-use and affordable starter kit.
  • -Includes 200 ml bottles of:
  • Vegamatrix Grow
  • Vegamatrix Bloom
  • Vegamatrix Boost
  • Vegamatrix Prime Zyme
  • Vegamatrix Amp-It
  • Vegamatrix Hard N Quick Foliar Magic

Vegamatrix Starter Kit

The Vegamatrix Starter kit contains 200 ml bottles of Vegamatrix Grow, Vegamatrix Bloom, Vegamatrix Boost, Vegamatrix Prime Zyme, Vegamatrix Amp It Micros and Vegamatrix Hard N Quick Foliar Magic. The Vegamatrix Starter Kit is designed to feed about 3 plants from beginning to end.

Vegamatrix is the 100% veganic nutrient line created by world famous grower Kyle Kushman. Kyle is a 13 time Cannabis Cup Award Winner, Professor Emeritus of Organic Cultivation and Oaksterdam University and Senior Cultivation Editor of High Times Magazine. Many of us growers remember growing up reading all about Kyle and his world famous strawberry cough in the pages of High Times! After achieving master grower status, Kyle decided to take of his knowledge and put it into a nutrient line and Vegamatrix was born. Vegamatrix is a 100% Veganic nutrient made from 100% Non-GMO plant based nutrients. It contains virtually no heavy metals and in fact has the lowest amount of heavy metals of any nutrient line on the market. It’s its first year, it won the 2014 High Times S.T.A.S.H. Award for Best Nutrient on the Market! Simply put, it’s the most easy-to-use veganic nutrient line that will give you the cleanest end product you have ever tried. It’s time to grab a Vegamatrix Starter Kit and grow veganic!

Heavy Metals Plants grow with Vegamatrix have virtually undetectable levels of heavy metals. Click here to see test results and get more info.

Biomass Vegamatrix increases your plant’s metabolism resulting in larger plants! Vegamatrix has the ideal combination of Non-GMO plant extracts with naturally occurring necessary minerals, amino acids, vitamins and carbohydrates.

Finished Products Vegamatrix is designed to feed your plants with every watering, helping you grow more and saving you valuable time. Because it has less ingredients and fewer components it provides your plants with a better growing experience with better results. With Vegamatrix you use less, grow more and save more!

The Vegamatrix Starter Kit Contain contains a 200 ml bottle of each product:

Vegamatrix Grow is formulated to be a complete plant food. Combining Vegamatrix Grow with Vegamatrix Bloom and Boost will enhance its effectiveness.

Vegamatrix Bloom is designed with flowering, fruiting, and budding plants in mind. Highly effective base nutrient.

Vegamatrix Boost is designed to augment the needs of additional Calcium and Magnesium which can’t be included in Grow and Bloom formulations. Additional natural veganic ingredients have also been added to facilitate high metabolism and growth rates in all plants. Combining Vegamatrix Boost with Grow and Bloom will enhance its effectiveness. Vegamatrix Boost is designed to be a stand-alone Ca-Mg supplement compatible with all base nutrients.

Vegamatrix Prime Zyme is crucial to maximizing the potential of the Rhizosphere(root zone). Prime Zyme only contains food grade enzymes. Enzymes break down dead root mass, unavailable nutrients and decomposing organic matter and convert them into a usable form for your plants. Regular use guarantees your roots and their mycelia remain healthy.

Vegamatrix Amp-It Micros + Aminos is designed to amend the nutrition for crops in high-yield situations. This precise blend of naturally mined minerals, plant extracts and amino acids will also aid plants in achieving increased metabolism.

Vegamatrix Hard-N-Quick Foliar Magic is the first foliar supplement to have FDA approved ingredients. Hard-N-Quick Foliar Magic contains concentrated cytokinins, a naturally occurring plant phytohoromone found in Ascophyllum odosum (Sea Kelp) that stimulates cell division and cell growth.

Vegamatrix Feeding Chart

Vegamatrix Nutrient Calculator

The Vegamatrix Starter Kit is the perfect way to test out this awesome veganic nutrient line. Start growing veganic today!


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