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Vegamatrix Quart Kit

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Vegamatrix Quart Kit

The Vegamatrix Quarts Kit contains 1 Quart bottles of:

This kit DOES NOT contain Big N Sticky. 

Veganic cultivation is 100% safe and non-toxic for all living things.

Vegamatrix is 100% Veganic derived from NON GMO soy and grain solubles which are fermented and homogenized. Plant extracts, rock phosphate, kelps, humic and fulvic acid complexes, essential aminos, macro-nutrients and vitamins complete the formula.

The team at Vegamatrix has worked very hard to create a superior Veganic nutrient that was EASY-TO-USE. They’ve included all the essential ingredients into 4 bottles: Grow, Bloom, Boost, and Amp-It. It’s virtually non- burning and formulated so you can feed with every watering thus eliminating the guesswork to feed or not. The Prime Zyme and Hard n Quick additives are the perfect additions to any nutrient line. Grow veganic today with the Vegamatrix Quarts Set.

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