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The Green Pad CO2 Generator 5 pads and 2 Hangers

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Green Pad CO2 Generator, 5 Pads and 2 Hangers

The Green Pad Co2 Generator is one of the simplest and easiest ways to generate Co2 for your garden.

All you have to do is hang the pad up above your plants, lightly spray with some water, and walk away! The Green Pad is activated through moisture and will begin working immediately.

Whenever you check your plants simply give the pad a spritz of water to keep it moist. Simple as that! Hang a second Green Pad up after one week and spray it just like the first pad. Doing this will allow the new pad to ramp up it’s Co2 production while the first pad starts to wind down. You may throw out your first pad after two weeks. Follow this routine and you’re set!

The Green Pad is an innovative product designed to increase levels of carbon dioxide in your indoor garden,and propagation domes, absorbing your gardens humidity to power its CO2 generating reactions. Using a unique natural combination of carbons and acids that react to humidity to begin a measured release of CO2 The Green Pads, when kept dry in their original packaging, will last well over a year. This allows you to use them only when you need them. The Green Pads are easy to use each Original Green Pad is effective in an area of 200 to 400 cubic feet.



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