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One Way To Grow (10-8-18) – One Package (2 bags)

$34.95 $32.50

  • -Entire Nutrient Line in One Bag
  • -Water-Soluble/Each Bag Makes 100 Liters
  • -Cheapest Cost Per Liter for 12 Week Cycle
  • -All Vitamins and Biostimulants. Full NPK!

One Way To Grow – One Package (10-8-18)

Sold by the Package (2 Bags per Package)

One Way To Grow – Case Qty (10-8-18) Sold by the Package (2 bags per package)

One Way To Grow formulation contains an assortment of natural chelating and nutrient uptake enhancers. One Way Bags are the only formulation that can combine significant quantities of calcium and magnesium with phosphate. All nutrients found in 3-part and 2-part nutrients are contained within One-Way bags. One-Way bags contain a broad spectrum of bio-stimulants that plants love!

  • -Completely water soluble!
  • -Just stir and grow!
  • -Use only one bag of grow or one bag of bloom for 100 L of water.
  • -98% less plastic waste
  • -Avoided transportation of water, saving on emissions
  • -Lower environmental carbon footprint and impact
  • -Easy to-use and cost-effective
  • -1 bag dissovles in 10-12 liters of water prior to adding to reservoir
  • -Initial concentrate can be used for mid-week top ups
  • -No complicated feeding programs to follow
  • -Formulations contain multiple components including all necessary nutrients and bio-activators
  • -Correct pH / No pH or ppm measurements required
  • -Patent pending


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