Hydrologic BIGboy™ Dechlorinator & Sediment Filter

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The BIGboy unit is designed to be a stand alone filter for immediate removal of chlorine and sediment from your water. It is rated at up to 99% chlorine, sediment, rust, silt, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), mercury, lead and PCBs (organic chlorine) @ a massive 7 GPM flow and can clean up to 90% of the sediment particles above 5 microns. This filter is not designed to significantly lower the Parts Per Million (PPM) of your water. The majority of PPM is minerals which can only be removed with Reverse Osmosis.

Having chlorine and sediment free water is essential to growing healthy plants and maintaining beneficial micro-organisms, bacteria and fungi in your root zone and growing medium. Beneficial microbes can not survive in the presence of chlorine. Chlorine free water is also essential for organic compost tea and extraction solution brewing, hydroponics and any bio-organic gardening method.


The BIGboy instantly de-chlorinates your water at fast flow rates of 120 gallons per hour. Don't give your prized plants straight hose water. Keep your beneficial micro-organisms alive and thriving. Perfect for brewing compost teas or biological extract solutions. Grow brighter flowers, bigger fruit, and healthier plants.

Ultra high capacity instant de-chlorinator. Removes 99% of chlorine and 90% of sediment, rust, silt, etc. at 7 GPM. Comes with cleanable sediment filter. Can be used as a pre filter for Reverse Osmosis systems, a whole house filter or stand alone filter.


  • Removes 99% of chloramines, chlorine and 90%+ of dirt immediately!
  • 420 gallons per hour of clear water down to 5 microns and has a filter capacity of 25,000 gallons. (50,000 w/ the upgrade KDF filter)
  • Keep beneficial bacteria and micro-organisms alive and healthy.
  • High capacity pre filter or can be used as a whole house filter

smallBoy System Includes:

  • 2-Stage over-sized housings
  • Sediment pre-filter
  • Green coconut carbon filter OR Upgraded KDF85 Carbon Filter
  • Heavy Duty wall mountable metal bracket
  • Inlet and Outlet Pressure gauges
  • 1" inlet and outlets for inline house applications
  • Filter wrench

Upgrade to the Premium KDF/CAT Carbon Filter

For chlorine and chloramines reduction for city water. Also for well water for iron, hydrogen sulfide, and heavy metals reduction. Will last TWO TIMES AS LONG as the standard green carbon filter. Reduces chloramines, chlorine, iron, sulfur and heavy metals. Bacteriostatic qualities do not allow microbes to breed in filter.

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