Grozone Dim1 Fan Speed Dimmer with Optional Kick-Start

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Grozone Dim1 Fan Speed Dimmer with Optional Kick-Start

The Grozone Dim-1: Fan Speed Dimmer is an easy and efficient way to control the power of the fans in your grow room. 
  • Manual setting to slow down centrifugal fan speed between 10% and 100% of full power
  • Enables the user to activate / deactivate a "Kick start" at power up or power failure return, to improve larger fan start-up
  • Can drive single phase 120 Vac induction motor  type fans up to 750 Watts
  • ETL Listed
Included Modules and Accessories 
  • One plug-in type module
  • One user guide
  • One screw kit 

User Guide: Grozone Dim-1


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