EnviroBoss EB280 Commercial Dehumidifier

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The EnviroBoss EB280 Commercial Dehumidifier is a powerhouse commercial dehumidifier. Removes 21-30 gallons per day with a highly portable design.

With the EnviroBoss EB280 commercial dehumidifier, view inlet and outlet temperature and relative humidity readings, plus set an RH% target. The dehumidifiers’ automatic restart after power outages provides peace of mind. Built-in automatic pump-outs make it convenient to collect water for reuse and units are easy to maintain, reducing down-time for servicing. Rotomolded housings are covered by a lifetime limited warranty, and refrigeration systems are warranted for six years.

Powerful Humidity Control in a portable commercial unit - removes 21-30 gallons per day

EB280 Dehumidifier Specs:

  • This is the largest unit ever offered by EnviroBoss. It can do 280 pints per day at 90% humidity and 90 degree F or 170 pints at 60% humidity and 80 degrees F. This 60%/80F is the AHAM standard that is much more accurate for the garden environment.
  • It is important to note that many competitors use the inflated rating at the 90/90 setting to boost their numbers in a misleading way. No intelligent gardener is going to be operating their grow rooms at 90 degrees and 90% Relative Humidity so this AHAM rating is actually very important when comparing units for this industry.

EnviroBoss EB280 Commercial Dehumidifier Manual


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