Centurion Pro Tabletop Trimmer - Wet & Dry Trimming

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The Centurion Pro TableTop trimmer is the most efficient tumble style trimmer in the world. It can fit practically anywhere in your space, but don’t be fooled by the size. The TableTop replaces over 16 human trimmers without sacrificing quality. The compact yet powerful design is capable of processing 20lbs of wet product or 4lbs of dry product per hour of use!

The TableTop Standard System comes all-inclusive with the largest hopper in the industry, a 1 horsepower leaf collector suction system and the Centurion Pro unique triple-bag kief filtration & trim collection system. Centurion Pro machines are specially designed to trim both wet and dry material.

The Centurion Tabletop Pro Trimmer is the smallest, most efficient tumble-style trimmer in the world. This machines sits at a trim 24" in length X 10" width and 21" in height. Weighing only 35 lbs, this trimmer is the epitome of elegant engineering at its finest. 

Another quality of the Tabletop Pro is ease of keeping the blade clean, which is made out of D2 hardened steel. Unlike any other brand on the market, The Centurion Tabletop Pro employs a magnetic blade holding technology that allows for a five minute clean-up during operation, ensuring the machine has a consistently sharp, clean cut, and operates at a rapid pace.


All CenturionPro trimming machines are specially designed to trim both wet and dry material. Centurion Pro's Dual-Purpose Hybrid Tumbler, which comes standard with all machines, has been extensively tested to outperform both the traditional wet tumbler when trimming wet and the traditional dry tumbler when trimming dry. This CenturionPro innovation allows you to switch between wet and dry material with just a few small adjustments to your trimming system. This is a major benefit because you can purchase one machine and still have the capability to trim wet or dry flowers.

Centurion Pro machines also include an additional tumbler for every tumbler the machine can accommodate. This will reduce downtime between cleanings, just swap the tumbler out and keep running.



Centurion Pro Quantanium Coated Tumblers delicately handle flowers and give 40% greater trichome preservation. This technology prevents precious trichomes from adhering to the tumbler surface without the need for special lubricants or sprays. This also speeds up the harvesting process since no downtime is required to stop and clean the tumblers throughout the day. A simple wipe down with a cloth and warm water will remove the small amount of residue that may be present.

Centurion Pro Tabletop Pro Details

    • The Centurion Tabletop Pro is composed of a stainless steel and anodized aluminum body and main components. This means this machine is small, yet durable and able to withstand moves, regular use and cleaning without issue.
    • The Tabletop comes standard with Toro-hardened steel cutting reel containing 5 high quality blades to ensure the cleanest cut in the industry. This machine is also equipped with our magnetic blade technology to guarantee a consistently sharp reel.
    • The Tabletop Trimmer also features our rugged, 16 gauge, 304 stainless steel - not aluminum - tumbler. This high capacity tumbler is 5.5” in diameter and measures 24" in length allowing the Tabletop to out produce any other machine on the market!
    • Get 40% greater trichome preservation with our non-stick Quantanium coated tumbler that delicately handle your precious flowers. Toss out those special lubricants and sprays because with this technology, your precious trichomes will not stick to the tumbler. > Learn More
    • Despite its compact size, the Tabletop Pro can make an impressive 20,000 cuts per minute! All while running on a 120v power source. This small bud trimmer system also comes standard with a 1hp leaf collector, which produces 1800 CFM of suction power to ensure a tight cut, plus it makes clean up a breeze!
    • All of their machines come standard with the largest hoppers in the industry to make consistent feeding of the machine easier.
    • The Tabletop Trimmer also comes equipped with our unique diverter, which fine tunes airflow and cut. This allows the grower to preserve different strains and densities, while still getting the best cut in the industry.
    • Their double bag system is designed for cleanliness, as well as trim and keif collection so you don’t waste any of your precious product for further use.
    • The light and compact design of the Tabletop Pro means it can fit in the trunk of a car. In addition, the Tabletop can be used in small spaces such as a kitchen or a garage. Yet it is still the most powerful personal trimmer on the market.
    • Simplistic design makes the TableTop Trimmer extremely easy to set-up/tear down. As this system needs only 10 minutes to get going, it is ideal for home grow operations.
    • This small bud trimmer takes less than 10 minutes to clean. The entire machine, excluding the tumbler, can be quickly cleaned with a pressure washer. The tumbler just requires a quick soak in warm, soapy water and a gentle wipe-down after.
  • Centurion Pro builds their machines to be extremely simple with less moving components. This makes the Tabletop Pro easy to maintain and even fix if anything ever goes wrong.

Trimmer Details

  • Input Voltage                                                6Amp – 110V NA
  • Tumbler Diameter                                        5.5″
  • Tumbler Length                                            24″
  • Number of Tumblers                                    1 Hybrid - Wet/Dry
  • Human Trimmer Replacement                    16 people
  • Cuts Per Minute                                            20,000

Leaf Collector Details

  • Input Voltage                                                  12Amp – 110V NA
  • Dimensions                                                     16″ x 13.5″ x 13.5″
  • Weight                                                             35lbs
  • Horse Power                                                   1hp
  • Airflow Capacity                                             1800 CFM
  • Warranty                                                           3 years



Material Wet & Dry


30 lbs

Performance Wet
30 lb/hr
Performance Dry 6 lb/hr
Feed Type Continuous
Dimensions 24″ x 10″ x 21”
Weight 40 lbs
Voltage 120V
Warranty 10 years


Free shipping for the Centurion Pro Tapletop Pro Trimmer is not available to Alaska or Hawaii for this product. Please call for a quote if ordered from either of those states.

The Centurion Pro Tabletop Pro comes with a 5 year warranty.

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