Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter

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Bluelab Pulse Multimedia EC/MC Meter

One-year guarantee for the Bluelab Pulse Meter (proof of purchase is required).

Optimise your root zone

No more pour-throughs, slurries or extractions

The Bluelab Pulse Meter will enable you to accurately measure EC, moisture and temperature with a single click. When you optimise your root zone, you’ll be able to unlock your plants’ full potential.

All plants need the right amount of food (nutrients) in order to thrive; measuring conductivity will ensure that your plants have access to the right amount of nutrients at every growth stage.

You also need to measure moisture so that you can optimise your irrigation cycles and water consumption while controlling the risk of root infections. Lastly, by regularly measuring temperature, you’ll be able to spot temperature fluctuations and optimise root function.



A versatile and robust root-zone meter

Lightning-fast measurements

The robust Bluelab Pulse Meter will enable you to measure faster than ever before, giving you three different measurements in under 10 seconds.

What’s more, you can use the Bluelab Pulse Meter in a variety of growing media, including soil, potting mixes and coco coir blends, as well as nutrient solutions. This meter’s built-in depth gauge will also ensure that you get consistent measurements with every reading.

Made in New Zealand with growers in mind

All our products are created with growers, for growers - so you can relax knowing that your meter will be able to withstand the knocks and drops that come with everyday growing.



Unlock what makes your best plants tick

Compare on the go with Blink and Pulse App

With the Bluelab Pulse Meter, you’ll be able to measure faster and you can also use this meter’s Blink technology to set your best-performing plants as the benchmark and get instantaneous visual indicators showing you how your crop compares.

What’s more, the Pulse App will unlock new insights by allowing you to take notes about your plants and measurements on the go. Use these powerful resources to discover the secrets behind your top plants’ success while storing, exporting and analysing your plant data.

There’s no need for manual data collection; get access to game-changing insights with Blink and the Pulse App today.



Join forces with the Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter

Create the ultimate root-zone toolkit

While the Bluelab Pulse Meter will tell you whether you’re over- or under-feeding your plants, you need to know whether your plants are able to access these nutrients.

The Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter will measure pH (potential Hydrogen), which determines your plants’ ability to absorb the nutrients they need. This meter comes with the robust and versatile Bluelab Leap pH Probe, which can take pH readings in a variety of growing media.

When you combine your Bluelab Pulse Meter with the Bluelab Multimedia pH Meter, you’ll be creating the ultimate direct root-zone multimedia toolkit.

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