Bluelab KCl Storage Solution

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Bluelab KCl Storage Solution

The Bluelab Calibration Solutions should be a part of every growers toolbox.

The Bluelab calibration and conductivity standard solutions are essential for use with all Bluelab products for the calibration of pH and testing the cleanliness of the Bluelab Conductivity/Temperature probe.


Improve longevity with KCl

How to care for your Bluelab pH products

Your pH probe is a sensitive glass instrument that ages through everyday use. If you want to improve your Bluelab pH product’s response time and longevity, make sure that you use Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution to store and hydrate your Bluelab pH probes and pens.  

Simply add KCl solution to the cap of your pH pen or probe for storage after use; make sure to top up the KCl every week. Once a month, you should hydrate your probe in KCl solution. 

You can find detailed instructions on the bottle. 


High-quality KCl solution

Effective and affordable storage and hydration

Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution is essential for use with all Bluelab pH products. All Bluelab solutions are manufactured specifically for Bluelab products and are referenced to high laboratory standards to ensure your Bluelab products last longer and maintain accuracy. 

pH maintenance and care

Your one-stop pH shop

Bluelab pH Probe KCl Storage Solution is also available in 100 and 250 ml bottles. For complete calibrationremember to stock up on Bluelab pH 4.0 and pH 7.0 Calibration Solutions, which are available in 20 ml sachets, as well as 250 ml or 500 ml bottles.  

Alternatively, our Bluelab Probe Care Kits contain everything you need to clean, store and calibrate your pH equipmentYou can also expand your toolkit with our pH accessories and replacement parts, including replacement pH probes, storage caps and carry cases. 

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