Sunblaster Nanodome and Accessories

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  • Sale! SunBlaster T5HO 6400K Blue replacement lamp

    SunBlaster T5HO 6400K 18″ Blue replacement lamp

    $6.64 $5.64
    • -SunBlaster T5HO 6400K gives you a 2PM temperature
    • -Perfect temperature and lighting spectrum to start your seedlings, initiate faster rooting time on cuttings, assist in supplying long-term lighting for mothering plants and valuable supplementary lighting for flowering plants
    • -SunBlaster’s T5HO lamps produce a light of much higher quality than a conventional tube 
    • -Works great for the SunBlaster Nanodome
    • -These lamps require a special T5HO Fixture and can’t be used in standard fluorescent fixtures

  • Sale! SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Stand

    SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Stand

    $41.95 $36.95
    • -The SunBlaster Universal T5 Stand allows you to set perfect lighting height to get your fresh cutting or seedlings off to a optimal start
    • -Achieving the ideal 3” – 6″ lighting distance from the plant canopy is now quick and easy
    • -Use with a 2′ or 4′ light (not included)
    • -Included: 2 18” Support Bars – Powered Coated Aluminum, 2 Bases, 2 Light Grips, 6 Anti-skid pads, 2 End Caps for Support Bars and 4 Height adjustment O-rings

  • Sale! SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger

    SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger

    $9.96 $7.96
    • -The SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger fits into your SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Stand
    • -Removes any need for awkward metal shades that tap heat, block your view, and weigh a ton!
    • -This light strip fits any of the new SunBlaster ballasts
    • -Enables you to put as many as 7 SunBlaster T5 HO lamps above, beside or into your growing area
    • -Simply snap any size T5 into one or all seven of the included mounting banks
    • -The SunBlaster Universal T5 Light Strip Hanger includes: 2 SunBlaster light strips, 2 mounting screws and 4 clips for strength and safety

  • Sale! sunblaster t5HO kit 18" w nano reflector and fixture

    SunBlaster T5HO Kit 18″ with Nano Reflector and Fixture 17W 6400K

    $36.94 $32.94
    • -SunBlaster T5HO Kit 18″ – Includes Nano Reflector, T5 bulb and Fixture
    • -The T5 Bulb is a 17 Watt/6400K bulb
    • -Designed for use with The SunBlaster Nanodome and SunBlaster Heavy Duty Tray
    • -(18″ replacement bulbs sold separately)

  • Sale! double thick heavy duty tray

    Double Thick Heavy Duty Tray (20″ x 10″)

    $2.56 $2.25
    • -Double Thick Heavy Duty Tray (20″ x 10″)
    • -These trays are built tough … double the thickness of regular 10 x 20 trays
    • -Why use two when one FHD 10 x 20 tray will do the trick? Exactly!
    • -Works with SunBlaster Nanodome

  • Sale! sunblaster nanodome

    Sunblaster NanoDome – Customized Ventilated Dome (20″ x 10″)

    $29.99 $29.98
    • -Sunblaster NanoDome – Customized ventilated Dome (20″ x 10″)
    • -This new high dome from SunBlaster incorporates ingenious light tracks
    • -These light tracks receive all T5HO lamps with NanoTech T5 Reflectors
    • -Engineered to receive lighting bidirectionally
    • -Two ventilation modules can be opened or closed to control humidity