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  • Sale! igs-221

    Plug N Grow iGS-221 Smart Controller for Temp, RH and CO2

    $999.99 $899.99
    • Intelligently manages 6 actions: CO2 enrichment, venting, humidifying, dehumidifying, heating and cooling
    • Prioritizes actions according to a logical sequence; allowing the plants to keep their stoma opened for optimal CO2 absorption
    • Feeds up to 45 amps of controlled equipment (110-120V; 3 separate circuits needed)
    • Provides automatic differential for precise CO2 concentration control
    • Ready to use—just adjust your set points
    • Offers a 24-hour log to know your garden’s conditions

  • Sale! igs-220

    Plug N Grow iGS-220 Smart Controller CO2/RH or Temp

    $679.99 $599.99
    • The Plug N Grow iGS-220 is a smart controller that helps experienced growers easily manage their climate and CO2 levels
    • The iGS-220 can increase yields and quality of harvest and energy savings
    • No more need to coordinate many controllers together, the iGS-220 prioritizes actions according to a logical sequence, avoiding contradictory actions
    • Smart self-adjustment of operation differential keep conditions closest to set points
    • The iGS-220 is a smart device that provides you with information on the performance of your equipment allowing you to optimize your configuration

  • Sale! igs-061

    Plug N Grow iGS-061 CO2 Smart Controller

    $499.99 $449.99
    • Easy to use Smart CO2 Controller
    • Handles CO2 enrichment during the day
    • The light is sensed by the photocell on the iGS-061 allowing it to operate
    • Once the CO2 concentration falls below the set point minus the differential, the enrichment starts

  • Sale! igs-021

    Plug N Grow iGS-021 Day Night Temp Controller

    $99.99 $89.99
    • Simple yet highly effective temperature controller
    • Day and night detection
    • Adjustable day and night set points
    • Precise external temperature sensor 20″ cable
    • Smooth rotating knobs with continuous adjustment

  • Sale! igs-012 high temp watchdog

    Plug N Grow iGS-012 High Temp Watchdog

    $99.99 $89.99
    • Keeps your plants from dying of heat stress or overheating once temperatures reach unacceptable levels
    • iGS-012 temporarily turns off your lights and lets the room cool
    • iGS-012 will turn the lights back on after the temperatures reach a safe level



  • Sale! iGS-011 Cycle Timer

    Plug N Grow iGS-011 Precise Cycle Timer

    $99.99 $89.99

    The iGS-011 Cycle Timer has day and night detection. It’s great for irrigation pumps, fogging, misting, ventilation and other cycled processes! Take control of your environment today!